-- 3 Implementation Phase II: Setup of Online Services --


With the MoveON 4 Publishers you can display details about relations with your partners on your institution's website. You can create different Publishers for different purposes, e.g. mobility opportunities and all international activities. Each Publisher contains customised search criteria, and a world map.

You can easily configure the Publishers in the back- office and decide exactly what information should be published on your website.

Further information on how to configure the Publishers you will find here.

Online Forms

With MoveON 4 you can create several online forms for different purposes such as applications for a mobility (incoming/outgoing student/staff), applications for a grant, questionnaires (e.g. study reports), information on visits or projects with your partner institutions or request for a new partnership.

MoveON 4 provides a number of form templates (e.g. incoming and outgoing student mobility, staff mobility, grant form) which can be adapted by the institution to suit their needs.

MoveON 4 provides a form configuration tool which institutions can use to configure any forms. Some very advanced configuration may require QSU staff to set it up which may incur additional cost.

The following parts of online forms need to be changed by QSU at the moment and are made free of charge:

  • The so called “stay opportunity questions” asking for host or home institution and the stay opportunity
  • Complex dependencies

 Any changes to texts can always be done by the institution itself, QSU is not required to do those changes.

There is an additional process of mapping the import of online form data with the backoffice which currently is done by QSU staff. A configuration tool is under development which will enable institutions to map the import themselves. The import mapping is currently offered as a free service by QSU, but a fair use policy applies, which means that if an institution requires QSU to configure very complex mappings QSU still may charge for those. Sometimes institutions may wish to import form elements into so called custom fields. The institution needs to add those custom fields before QSU can configure the import mapping.

Setting up forms is simple in the configuration tool, still there is time required to properly plan the forms, set them up and test them. Please make sure that forms are completely finalized once you ask QSU to map the import and please plan enough time for QSU to finish this task.

Please also speak to your project manager about the changes you would like to implement and use the templates (in Excel) which QSU provides to plan any changes and check them with QSU. The more complex you want to build a form the more we recommend sufficient training on form setup or even to outsource this service to us. The closer you stay to our templates, the easier it will be to do the entire setup yourselves.

Please note that any changes you want QSU to implement for you (including import mapping) or any assistance you need for the form setup needs to be planned with enough time, QSU cannot guarantee staff availability for last minute changes.

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