Introducing the MoveON 4 set-up process

The MoveON 4 set-up process can take between 3-9 months from the beginning of the project to go-live. How complex the process is, mainly depends on the size of the institution, the level of usage (which areas are used by how many users and how intensively) the possible window of time for the set-up, additional technical requirements such as the integration with other systems and the time that it takes to possibly solve outstanding contractual issues.

We recommend to plan the MoveON 4 set-up process in four phases:

  1. Project Initiation Phase
  2. Implementation Phase I: Data Transfer, Data Cleansing, Back Office GoLive
  3. Implementation Phase II: Setup of Online Services
  4. Closure / Handover Phase & Post-Project Tasks


The articles of this section describe each step of the way during the set-up process. For any questions during your set-up, please do not hesitate to contact your project manager.

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