-- 1 Project Initiation Phase --

  •  Pre-sales support / demo

As implementation experts, the Project Managers (PM) are generally involved at an early stage of the sales process as technical and business consultants.
Supporting pre-sales includes amongst other things the analysis of the future client’s processes and needs to guide them to the best solution package for their Institution.

The project managers are also present during this stage to support the Sales team with any technical question the Institutions can have with regards to the product and assist sales in customer demos and presentations.


  • Draft Project Brief and Statement of Work

The Statement of Work (SOW) is a document which describes the scope of work required to complete a specific project. It is a formal document and must be agreed upon by all parties involved. In order to be effective, the SOW must contain an appropriate level of detail so all parties clearly understand what work is required, the duration of the work involved, what the deliverables are, and what is acceptable.

At this stage, a first draft of the SOW is provided, this document offers a general description of the project as well as highlights the project’s background and what is to be gained by the project.


  • Contract is signed (Sales)

Once this decision has been made by the institution, the use of any of the services is regulated in a contract which will be signed by the institution and QS unisolution (QSU).

The contract includes notably a service level agreement defining e.g. guarantees for the availability of the service and detailed terms related to the use of the data e.g. where your data is saved and who has access to it, as well as payment terms and information about chosen packages and license size.

The contract also includes a general description of the Setup package purchased by the institution. It includes the number of consultation hours agreed for the project as well as all the professional services proposed (import of existing data, creation of online forms, online services design, etc.).

All the details concerning the Setup package are to be found in the SOW document (see hereinafter).

Once the terms of the contract have been agreed and signed by your institution, the contract is sent back to QSU.

Following this action, QSU can start working up with the Institution on the Set-up and configuration of their MoveON database.


  • Internal handover call with the sales team

After the signature of the contract, an internal call is organized between the Sales and the Project Management team (PM) to ensure that all the information regarding the Institution implementation requirements and specific requests are captured by the PM team.

This call will help the PM to organize resources and subtasks accordingly.

At this stage, it is also very common for the Sales team to know the readiness of the client including questions such as:
- What is the main priority of the clients?
- Who is the designated Project Manager on the Institution side?
- What is the background of the Project Manager (Study abroad office, International relations office, …)?
- Will the designated Project Manager have enough time to spend on the implementation?
- Who else is involved in the project?


  • QSU to send Welcome Kit / Welcome email to the Institution

In order to plan and foresee a successful implantation of MoveON, a welcome Kit is sent to the Institution.

The Welcome Kit includes:
- A link to the setup guide which helps the institution foresee all the upcoming tasks and planification it’ll require for the implementation of the software
- The relevant links to the QSU’s Helpcenter informs you about all the possibilities of the system
- A Kickoff meeting date is to be set to launch officially the setup project

Based on the Welcome Kit, the Institution starts working on the project preparation (1-4 weeks).


  • Project Kick Off

A kickoff call is organized between the QSU (sales and project management team) and the Institution representatives (project management and IT team).

Sales will pass over the new project to the appointed Project Manager at QSU.

Discussion topics are for example:

- Institution timelines and deadlines
- Actors involved
- Scope of work – constraints and assumptions


  • Post Kick-off tasks

 Following the Kick off call, the following items will be sent to the Institution:

- A summary of the kick-off call
- A draft project plan. This project plan aims to support and urge both parties to follow the deadlines. It is also the best tool to flag up any potential delay in the plan.
- A demo version of MoveON
- The Data import template (xls format)
- The API, SSO and local backups technical documentation
- If not already done, a request to assign an official PM on client’s side.
- The information for the client to request its CSS design


  •  Sign offs – Project plan and SOW
  • SOW

The SOW document mentioned earlier is reviewed and finalized between the client and QSU.

Both parties sign this document binding them as long as the project is running.


  • Project Plan

The institution proofreads the Project plan proposed by QSU and addresses any modification or potential issues.

Once the above is addressed, the Project plan is considered as final and must be followed.

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