-- 2 Implementation Phase I: Data Transfer, Data Cleansing, Back Office GoLive --

Data preparation & Data collection

Data preparation is the first step of the setup project and one of the most important for a successful MoveON 4 implementation. In this phase of the project we will ask you to populate an Excel template with all data that you would like to have imported in the system (students, agreements, contacts, partners…).

First of all, QSU will send you after the kick off call the Excel template and one demo version of MoveON 4. After that, project calls will take place with your Project Manager, who will guide you on how to collect and prepare data in the Excel template: explaining main concepts of MoveON 4, understanding  your international office processes, giving you enough information for you to decide which data should be imported in the system, giving you instructions on how to enter data in the Excel template (examples, format of specific columns…) 

It can be very useful that you look at this video tutorial in the helpdesk before starting the data preparation: XXX

Please take the following information into account:

  • Please don’t start populating the Excel template until your Project Manager tells you to do so
  • The institution’s project manager will coordinate the internal work and will make sure that deadlines defined in the project plan are kept
  • For the preparation of data good knowledge of MS Excel and a very good understanding of the processes of the international office will be very helpful
  • This first part of the project may be the most time consuming for you. Please make sure that you have enough internal resources to keep defined deadlines
  • The time spent on this first phase will depend on the following points:
    • Does your institution already have all data (students, agreements, partners…) in MS Excel or in other databases?
    • How clean is the existing data?
    • Are you a centralized or decentralized institution? Does the international office have control over all data about mobilities and agreements or do you need to collect it from all faculties first?
    • How many resources do you have to collect and prepare data?

Delivery & Check of data

Your institution will send some samples of data entered in the Excel template for QSU to check and confirm that everything is correct.

When all data is entered, your institution will deliver the final Excel template with data to QSU and a final check will be run. If all data is clean, data transfer can start. If not, QSU will send a list of corrections to be done by the institution.

Transfer of data can only start when data of institution is clean.

Data Transfer, Data Cleansing & GoLive

  1. QSU will transfer all delivered data by the institution to MoveON 4.
  2. When transfer of data has been done, QSU will give the institution access to their instance of MoveON 4.
  3. A first training will take place to show the institution how data has been transferred into the system and give enough information, in order that the institution can check if data has been transferred properly (if the data is not correct in MoveON, because the excel was containing errors, the cleaning of data is responsibility of the institution).
  4. After the training, the institution will have to check all transferred data and sign it off or report any errors to QSU.
  5. Only after that the institution has signed off data transfer, the cleansing phase will start. During this phase, the institution will correct, edit, add information in the system.
  6. Backoffice GoLive
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