-- 4 Closure / Handover Phase & Post-Project Tasks --

The handover and closure phase consists of the following steps:


  1. Handover call


A few weeks after the last step of your project is completed, a handover call will be organized by your QSU project manager to close your project. For this call, the participation of the project manager in charge of the MoveON implementation in your institution will be required. We also recommend involving any representative from your institution that was directly involved in the project. During this handover call, your QSU project manager, together with your QSU account manager, will most importantly make sure that all the services that were defined in the Statement of Work were delivered in a satisfactory manner, before explaining the new process and future steps that will follow the closing of your project.

As you now enter your on-going production phase, your QSU project manager’s mission will be completed, he/she will therefore no longer be in direct contact with you (until a new project is opened for your institution, in which case a QSU project manager, if possible the one that was in charge of your implementation project, will again become your primary contact at QSU). Your QSU account manager will become your new primary contact for questions concerning your license, contract or for any comments concerning your MoveON 4 experience. To report software bugs or malfunctions, you will now contact our support team via the ticket system available on the helpcenter, by email or by calling the QSU support hotline.

This handover call will also allow us to collect feedback on your experience throughout the implementation project, helping us improve our services. During this call, your QSU account manager will also make sure we have the latest information concerning your institution (contacts, social media, etc.). Finally, a summary email of the project will be sent to your institution after the call.


  1. Follow-up


A few weeks after the handover call, your QSU account manager and QSU project manager will contact you for a short follow-up on your project to enquire on any issues or questions that might have arisen.

From that point on your QSU account manager will contact you regularly to obtain feedback on your experience with MoveON.

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